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Media Title Speakers
Audio CD What's New in Health Law? Major Changes to HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Enacted in Economic Securities Package, recorded November 17, 2009
Audio CD Directors & Officers in these Uncertain Times: Fiduciary Duties, Zone of Insolvency and Business Judgments Luis Salazar
Audio CD The Impact of the General Growth Properties Bankruptcy on SPEs Brian Fetterolf
Daniel S. Huffenus
Deborah L. Fletcher
Audio CD Identifying and Managing Conflicts-of-Interests in Healthcare and Research Stuart Horowitz
Thomas Bechert
Audio CD Reverse Mergers the New IPO?: How to Win the Shell Game and Protect Your Reputation in the Process David Feldman
Audio CD General Motors Chapter 11 Filing Karen Ostad
Audio CD Buyer Protection: Managing the Legal Risks of Acquiring Assets from Troubled Companies Thomas J. Salerno
Audio CD Buyer Beware: Key Tax Issues For Private Equity Investments In Distressed Debt Peter J. Elias
Audio CD Buying and Selling "Legacy" Assets: Navigating the Public-Private Investment Program
Audio CD Chrysler Grabbing Chapter 11 By The Horns Stephen B. Selbst
Audio CD Structuring Ventures between Physicians and Tax-Exempt Hospitals Jay E. Gerzog
Philip M. Gassel
Audio CD The Demonstration Is Over: RAC Audits Expand Nationwide Chair: Rebekah N. Plowman
Christy Durden Jordan
Audio CD Counterparty Risk and Valuation Andrea Pincus
J. Andrew Rahl
Phil Weeber
Audio CD Physician Recruitment: Regulatory Constraints & Staff Planning Realities Daniel M. Beall
H. Carol Saul
Kimberly Ruark
Audio CD When Tenants File for Chapter 11: A Landlord's Survival Guide David R. Kuney
Audio CD Bankruptcy Trustee Suits Hugh M. Ray
Jeffrey E. Spiers
Audio CD Successful Healthcare Gainsharing Carrie Valiant
Marci Handler
Audio CD 2009 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule Hayden S. Wool
Karen Ostad
Kristin Bohl
Lisa Ohrin
Steven J. Chananie
Audio CD Compliant Hospital-Physician IT Integration Charles B. Oppenheim
James R. (Jim) Kalyvas
Richard K. (Rick) Rifenbark
Audio CD Determining Fair Market Value J. Gregory Endicott, CPA/ABV, ASA
Jeff Sinaiko
Audio CD New Stark Law Modifications Donald H. Romano
Hayden S. Wool
Lisa Ohrin
Steven J. Chananie
Audio CD 2009 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule Donald H. Romano
Hayden S. Wool
Lisa Ohrin
Steven J. Chananie
Audio CD Understanding Credit Default Swap Contract Risks Andrea Pincus
Audio CD The Chapter 15 International Insolvency Institute Luis Salazar
Paul Keenan
Audio CD New 'Red Flag' Identity Theft Rules Luis Salazar
Audio CD Examining the Examiners: Pros and Cons of Using Examiners in Chapter 11 Proceedings Thomas J. Salerno
Audio CD Physician Recruitment Rules H. Carol Saul
Kimberly Ruark
Audio CD Due Diligence for Hedge Fund Investing Jonathan Sablone
Timothy Mungovan
Audio CD New Medicare Anti-Mark Up Rule: Big Changes for Diagnostic Service Billings Chairman: Norton L. Travis
Donald H. Romano
Hayden S. Wool
Lisa Ohrin
Steven J. Chananie
Audio CD The Battle of Green & Red: Effect of Bankruptcy on Obligations to Clean Up Contaminated Property Joel M. Gross
Audio CD Healthcare Fraud Fundamentals B. Scott McBride
Daniel W. Packard
Audio CD Medical Tourism Dale C. Van Demark
Kevin J. Ryan
Rachel Spitz
Audio CD Using Virtual Data Rooms to Expedite Corporate Restructuring Eric S. Kurtzman
Jonathan A. Carson
Audio CD IP Investment Strategies David S. Ruder
Audio CD Safeguarding Your Tax-Exempt Status: Form 990 and Other New IRS Developments Daniel K. Settelmayer
Paul R. DeMuro
Audio CD The Subprime Sector Meltdown: Legal Developments and Latest Opportunities Stephen B. Selbst
Audio CD Carve-Out Agreements David E. Beker
Richard M. Bendix, Jr.
Audio CD New Stark Phase III Final Rules Chairman: Norton L. Travis
Donald H. Romano
Hayden S. Wool
Lisa Ohrin
Steven J. Chananie
Audio CD Hospital Mergers and Antitrust Compliance Steven S. Shonder
Audio CD Closing Stark Loopholes Chairman: Norton L. Travis
Hayden S. Wool
Steven J. Chananie
Audio CD Non-Traditional Lenders and the Impact of Loan-to-Own Strategies on the Restructuring Process Michael P. Richman
Audio CD P4P Trends and Legal Concerns Charles B. Oppenheim
Janice A. (Jan) Anderson
Pat Dyson
Audio CD China’s New Enterprise Bankruptcy Law Deryck A. Palmer
John J. Rapisardi
Audio CD The True Value of Intellectual Property Rick S. Nathan
Audio CD IP Rights In Bankruptcy: Richard S. Kanowitz
Robert L. Eisenbach
Audio CD Obtaining Certificates of Need for Outpatient Providers Robert James Cimasi
Audio CD Twenty-Day Claims Jeff Ellman
Ryan Routh
Audio CD Handling Complex Chapter 11 Restructuring Issues David G. Heiman
Gregory M. Gordon
Audio CD Hospitals in Crisis: The Insolvency Crisis Plaguing Hospitals Across the U.S. Afsheen Shah
Burton S. Weston
Audio CD Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy Andrew H. Sherman
Audio CD Second Lien Financings and Intercreditor Agreements Mark N. Berman
Audio CD Stark and Anti-Kickback 101 Charles B. Oppenheim
Donald H. Romano
Audio CD Distressed Claims Trading Andrew H. Sherman
Brett H. Miller
Audio CD Physician Real Estate Ownership and Investment Craig E. Holm
Philip J. Camp
Thomas A. Czerniak
Victoria Poindexter
Audio CD Business Valuations in Healthcare J. Gregory Endicott, CPA/ABV, ASA
Jeff Sinaiko
Audio CD Equitable Subordination and Recharacterization Evan C. Hollander
Audio CD Diagnosing Problems in Troubled Companies S. Douglas Hopkins
Stephen J. Hopkins
Audio CD KERPs and Bonuses under BAPCPA Thomas J. Salerno
Audio CD Physician Ancillary Joint Ventures Chairman: Norton L. Travis
Audio CD Deepening Insolvency – Widening Controversy: Current Risks, Latest Decisions Luis Salazar
Audio CD Surviving the Digital Deluge: Best Practices in E-Discovery and Records Management for Bankruptcy Practitioners and Litigators Steven C. Bennett
Audio CD Executive Pay at Tax-Exempt Organizations: How Much is Too Much? Ralph E. DeJong
Audio CD BAPCPA One Year On: Lessons Learned and Outlook Stephen B. Selbst
The Honorable Louis M. Phillips
Audio CD Fair Market Value of Physician Services J. Gregory Endicott, CPA/ABV, ASA
Jeff Sinaiko
Audio CD Homestead Exemptions under BAPCPA Scott M. Grossman
Audio CD Distressed Market Opportunities Steve Gidumal
Audio CD Clash of the Titans -- Bankruptcy vs. IP Rights David R. Kuney
Audio CD Investing in China -- A Checklist for Identifying and Managing Risks Brian P. Smith
Audio CD When Tenants File -- A Landlord's BAPCPA Survival Guide David R. Kuney
Audio CD Privacy Rights, Protections & Pitfalls in Bankruptcy Luis Salazar
Audio CD Gainsharing -- Medical Cost Control through Collaboration Charles B. Oppenheim
Lani Berman, MBA, MPH
Audio CD High-Yield Opportunities in Distressed Investing Steve Gidumal
Audio CD Reverse Mergers—the New IPO? David Feldman
Audio CD Successful Healthcare Provider-Payer Arrangements Bob Leibenluft
Audio CD Dana's Chapter 11 Filing Harvey L. Tepner
Hugh M. Ray
Peter S. Goodman
Audio CD New Chapter 15 -- Lessons Learned in Europe Michael Martinez Ferber
Audio CD Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation under the New Code James M. Sullivan
Audio CD Validating Distressed Security Portfolios: Year-End Price Validation and Risk Assessment Steve Gidumal
Audio CD Surge of Deepening Insolvency Claims Luis Salazar
Audio CD Changing Roles & Responsibilities of Creditors' Committees Thomas J. Salerno
Audio CD Calpine's Chapter 11 Filing David Ying
Hugh M. Ray
Paul N. Silverstein
Audio CD Healthcare Bankruptcy Reforms Stephen B. Selbst
Audio CD Changes to Cross-Border Insolvencies Evan C. Hollander
Audio CD Distressed Real Estate under BAPCPA Susan Barnes (Collins) de Resendiz
Tracy L. Treger
Audio CD Coming Changes in Small Business Bankruptcy Stephen B. Selbst
CD Set Corporate Bankruptcy Rules Audio CD Library